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Zunis believe that animals, as well as inanimate objects and the forces of nature, have a spirit force, which can either help or hurt man. The distinctive feature of this animal is its downward hanging tail. This book, first published inhas a recently added introduction by Tom Bahti. To what pueblo or tribal people does the carver belong? Whenever a hunt is successful, the fetishes which gave that success are allowed the first ceremonial feeding of the game animal. Other carvers returned to the less intricate style of the late s. One of the possible explanations for this heartline is that it represents a time in Zuni mythology when animals totally dominated man.

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These objects reveal important information about human adaptation and cultural histories.

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How Do I Display Zuni Native American Fetish Carvings?

This book, first published inhas a recently added introduction by Tom Bahti. Map of the Museum. In this period carvers began to produce an extensive range of exotic animals compared to those they had traditionally carved. Today Zunis carve fetishes not only for their own uses but also for the use of Indians of other tribes and for collectors. Older fetishes often appear soiled or dirty and should be left in their original condition to maintain their value. Kirk, Avanyu Publishing Inc.

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display indian fetish
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display indian fetish
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