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Princeton University Press, The bet is lost, the father kills himself, and Sorrowful finds himself saddled with the orphaned little girl. This mirror- ing highlights the differences between the innocent child and the fallen woman while also reminding us that Bangles, too, was once a child and that Marky is at risk of becoming a jaded woman if she continues to be influenced by Sorrowful and his gang. Philip Jenkins, Moral Panic: The physical resemblance between Marky and Bangles is striking.

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The only heterosexual relationship we see, between Bangles Dorothy Dell and Big Steve Charles Bickfordis one based on the exchange of goods — diamond bracelets, an expensive apart- ment, a maid — for sex.

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Appreciation: Shirley Temple, the model child star

For instance, in Just around the Corner dir. Routledge, Rather, he had hitchhiked from Spokane, Washington, to Santa Monica, California, merely to meet the young star. McGraw-Hill, Temple living symbol of innocence.

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