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You make whatever changes are necessary to take on the responsibility of paying your bills, raising your children, whatever it is you need to do. That is really a wonderful website. Any woman that wants contreceptives should get them themselves! Keep Republicans out of office, and put Christians back in thier church, and the rest of us will be just fine. It means that she and evidently many others feels that there is discourse that is considered unacceptable.

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So she offers up a lame apology.

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First, reproductive contraception is a luxury, not a medical necessity. Yes, the same goes for folks like Ed Schultz who, I might add, was suspended from the air for a week following his mistake. Limbaugh's reaction to Fluke, which was to call her a "slut" and a "prostitute" for her position on health care, has negatively impacted his career - but Heaton's not concerned about hers. This is a win-win-win rule change. I've been on contraceptives on an off since middle school because I have women's issues, not because I was running around having relations. If so, you are being subsidized, at taxpayer expense. Religious people have become experts at crafting dishonest secular-sounding justifications for opinions which are actually shaped by their beliefs.

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