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Can eating medicines when you're not actually sick to prevent sickness, infections, etc. I was thinking that- we have pretty much exclusively used water based lubes, and after doing some reading tonight, it sounds like silicone based might be a good option to try, and see if it helps at all. He's never been shy about his bodily functions, so I definitely notice a difference in the bouquet. Second, even taking that into account, the clitoral tissue actually extends internally all the way around the vaginal canalwhich means there is often some degree of direct stimulation of the internal clitoral structures during anal for many women position of said tissue and thickness of intervening tissue does, of course, vary individually. He'd be horrified that his old lady is blowing out windows with these things. Coconut oil is nice and natural and since we started using it, my wife has come to prefer it for various reasons.

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How can I make it stop?

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Is it normal to fart alot the day after anal sex?

Yeah it doesn't make sense for the effects of anal to be lasting more than a few hours at most. Boyfriend farts alot during sex? That should clean you out and get things back to normal. I dunno, I have that problem too, despite eating generally well and not usually being overly gassy in everyday life. Depending upon the size of the penis, the length of time you had anal, and how relaxed you were, your anus can be stretched. Don't waste time; she should enjoy a little bit of afterglow and hop to it.

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fart a lot after anal sex
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fart a lot after anal sex
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