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But wait, this might be a good opportunity if it was alone. Two of them rushed my as they went to train their rifles at me, I quickly pivoted to the right throwing off their aim I threw my knife into the chest of the right most guard dropping him instantly. But despite the goofyness it was becoming clearer and clearer that there must be some secret behind this guy. He then strutted over tot he mic and said in a voice that sounded like something out of Dr Who "Greetings, my children. In the streets of an rugged, yet still working city street, two Yakuza grunts are standing around, weilding standard issue uzis. I opened it up and hopped on in and began to assemble the weapon and I finally slid the barrel into place and adjusted the scoop just in time to see Johnson antics up on stage and….

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Before a few moments I manged to roll over.

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However no sooner had I thought this I found myself unable to get up. Speaking of which, where did he go? So nice of them to ditch us! So how I knew this group more then likely had no ties to the Overlord which in turned begged the question who the fuck were these guys? Though I was further away this time, I was still nearly thrown from the air by the intensity of the blast. You bitch, how many times have I saved your asses? Even I ain't that obsessive towards the things I idolize.

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