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Cara and most of her housemates travel to St. Getting beat up by a girl and being the first roommate ever to be voted out of the house. The hard-working waitress was up front and genuine with her roommates, and avoided conflict. We saw Pedro struggle with health issues and AIDS-phobia, and still find time for a loving relationship with his partner, Sean. Well, her pathologies only got more obvious.

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Cara, who doesn't like Keri's play, tries to get out of performing it by creating a sob story about Tonyawhich Tonya calls her on.

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Smacking Irene for calling him homosexual. After hitting all of the major U. Irulan kept the drama going with her love triangle involving Alton, and her back home boo Gabe. Theo is a devout and slightly sheltered pastor's son from California who socializes with women a lot. Her androgynous style led to rumors about her gender identity, which she addressed on the show. The housemates, Tonya's boyfriend Justin and Chris's boyfriend Kurt spend a weekend at Kyle's family's summer house. Also, Tonya's boyfriend visits; Kyle plans a weekend getaway to his father's lakeside cabin for himself and his housemates; and Kyle's girlfriend, Nicole, suggests that they break up.

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