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The spirits of the Sages have disembodied parts, including their faces. From Nobody to Nightmare: Once the minigame is completed, he also has lines for Link hitting it againmissing it againLink hitting it from the rooftop Talo is standing on, and missing it from the rooftop Talo is standing on. Anyway, what's with having to light candles to get to the basement?! Li'l snail, li'l snail, just once I'd like to take a bath in that slime. You have Adblock enabled.

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In an early cutscene, Midna mockingly calls Zelda " Twilight Princess ".

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Unlike most versions of Link, this one doesn't need Power Bracelets or Power Gloves to manipulate heavy objects he wrangles goats as his day job, so he already has the muscle for it. This makes her use as an Escape Rope far less viable, as you can't leave the shop or even save and quit without resetting her "warp point": Ganondorf plots behind the scenes, only confronts the heroes when everything else falls. You Shouldn't Know This Already: The boss of the Goron Mines, Fyrus, has lava stripes on top of his body.

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