Cove and bead cedar strips

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This is not something you need to worry about. This is easy and does not substantially weaken the boat once it is covered in glass. A 18' strip needs to be handled with some care. I have used redwood, pine, and mahogany as well as Alaskan cedar, western red cedar, northern white cedar, and atlantic white cedar. Part 3 OkoumeFest Wrap Up: The method is often called cedar strip, because the wood used is typically cedar.

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In flat grained wood the growth rings are approximately parallel to the surface of the board and in vertical grained wood the growth rings are perpendicular.

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Bead & Cove Strips

Gluzilla by MAS Epoxies. Dispatch Time 2 days Length about 2. My good friend Dave was kind enough to lend me three things which were invaluable to this phase of the project: The simple formula below will give you the length of cedar strips you would need to plank a cylinder shape with a circumference equal to the maximum girth of your boat. I've also found that with some of my more compex shapes, especially those with hollow sections, that the cove and bead actually makes the strips want to lift off the forms.

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cove and bead cedar strips
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cove and bead cedar strips
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