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Starfire seemed to draw back for a split second; then she slowly returned the kiss. A look of greed, lust, and hunger was on her face. He is consistently confused, though, when they are not willing to do things with him at all hours of the day. That scene was so racy that it was edited out of the episode in England. This is a clear reference to her getting a "rise" out of him. In the episode "Terra-ized," we see the Teen Titans Go!

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She bounced Starfire up and down, jiggling her butt cheeks and violently squeezing them.

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I want you Starfire, I want you so bad. The sun was setting, leaving bright crimson and orange streaks in the sky. At one point in the episode, we see a montage of all of the ways that Raven "hates. She thinks that is absurd, but the others have a hard time believing her. They came out on the other side, which was outside the Titan Tower. However, when Cyborg begins to act violent due to the effects of her cloak, she has to take it back for the good of the world. The Titans had never seen her without her cloak and they're all shocked by how great her legs look.

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