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In the above, image both models have done an incredible job recreating the distinctive look with both paint and the select clothing. Rydia was also one of many powerful female characters that stood above and beyond many of the male leads in the Final Fantasy IV series of games. The body painted model by ArtistiCurves does a great job of recreating the costume, but the clothed Cammy has awesome details like gauntlets and accurate colors. As a contrast to the Street Fighter series gamers loved the mix of schlocky violence, mystical ninjas and otherworldly creatures battling it out on their TV screens. Body paint is one of the coolest wearable pieces of art there is.

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As a result of his popularity with gamers, Mario is probably one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time, so even when two female blonde glamor models cosplay or body paint themselves as the character fans and non-fans alike will instantly recognize them.

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25 Bodypaint Cosplays That Are Just. Plain. Bonkers.

This can all be seen in how fans have reacted to the franchise, eagerly strutting their stuff at conventions, just like Sindel shown above — a cosplay costume made purely from body paint. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The body painted model looks so convincing however, that's one would have a hard telling the two apart. Body painting takes cosplay to new levels, using intricate artistry to reveal levels of depth in well-placed brush strokes and not-so-subtle movements of sexuality. Leyna Sweet projects this AI construct into the real world with her interpretation of Cortana, completely made with body paint and finished with a touch of digital flourish. While she may have started off as a supervillain, recent years have seen her transform more into an antihero rather than a deranged maniac.

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