Jehovahs witness vs masturbation

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It's better to bring up questions and inconsistencies in the Bible itself. But growing up inside the cult, and it is a cult, you are manipulated into believing everyone that is not a JW is a potential pawn of the devil. This is freaking hilarious that this is actual instruction for those going to serve at their headquarters. I totally forgot about the hugging!!!! Like was there something within JW that you hated even when you were devoted, but couldn't speak on it? How long ago did you leave? Smoking a cigarette is NOT a sin!

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They're just contradicting themselves.

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They love all being rejected they desperately want martyrdom. I consider other exjws as brothers in arms because it's traumatic af. The views of women are twisted and backwards. I couldn't last any longer after he made those lonely eyes. Something that happened years ago but that people allegedly knew about already and nothing was done.

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jehovahs witness vs masturbation
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jehovahs witness vs masturbation
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