Learning to drive can be expensive, so what we offer you is a quick and easy solution so you can be on the road just like your friends.

Right now you are going to learn the secret of how to pass your driving test at the first attempt and save time & money...

There are 2 ingredients to this recipe; understanding what is needed to pass the driving test and getting off to a flying start.

Firstly you must be aware of what the driving examiner is going to be looking for, and he or she will want to see you are safe, aware and in full control of your car. So on each lesson this is what we practice as you learn new skills.

On your beginner lessons we need to get you off to a quick start, and that means taking regular lessons of 2 hours a week as a minimum. This will help you to learn faster, develop quickly and save you money.
If you are prepared to take 6 hours a week, we can even book your driving test now providing you have passed your theory test.

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